Friday, August 19, 2011

History Takaful

History of the formation of Takaful was started in 1979 when an insurance company in Sudan, namely Sudanese Islamic Insurance Takaful was first introduced. Later that same year of a life insurance company in the UAE also introduce sharia in the Arab region.

After that in 1981 a life insurance company in Switzerland called Dar Al-Maal Al-Islami to introduce sharia in Geneva. Accompanied by the issuance of sharia in Europe in the second introduced by Islamic Takafol Company (ITC) in Luxembourg in 1983, and was followed in several other countries.

Until now, the Takaful more widely known and enjoyed by the community and the countries of both Muslim and non-Muslims.

Understanding Takaful

Understanding Takaful based Nasioanl Sharh Council (DSN) and the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) is an effort to protect each other and mutual help among people through investment in assets and / or tabarru 'which gives the pattern of returns to face a particular risk through appropriate contract with sharia.

Takaful is a system where participants donate part or all of the contributions / premiums they pay to be used to pay claims for disaster experienced by some participants.

Process participants and corporate relationships in the mechanism of insurance coverage on sharia is sharing of risk or "bear one another's risk". In the event of disaster, then all participants Takaful bear one another. Thus, there is no risk transfer (transfer of risk or "risk transfer") of the participants to the company as in conventional insurance.

Role in the Takaful insurance companies is limited as a fiduciary to manage and invest funds from the contributions of participants.

So in Takaful, the company acts only as an operational manager, not as an underwriter as in conventional insurance.

Tabarru '

Tabarru definition 'is a donation or donations (in the definition Isalam is Grant).Contributions or donations (grants) or benevolence fund is administered by the participants and the Takaful diikhlaskan if at any time will be used to pay claims or other insurance benefits.

With the funds tabarru 'of the participants are Takaful then all the funds to cover the risk accumulated by the pesrta own. Thus the policy contract on Takaful placing participants as the party who bears the risk, not the insurance companies, as in conventional insurance.

Because funds are collected and used by and from the participant and must be managed in terms of both administrative and investment, to the participants membarikan authorize the insurer to act as an operator on duty to manage these funds properly.

So it is clear here that the position of insurance companies just as the manager or operator only and NOT as the owner of the funds. As a manager or operator, the function of insurance companies only MANAGING fund participants, and managers should not use these funds if there is no power from the participants.

Thus, the element of vagueness (Gharar) and chancy (Maysir) would be lost because of:

1. The position of the participants as the owner of the funds to be more dominant than the company's position as a fund manager who only participants only.

2. Participants will receive profit sharing from the fund tabarru 'collected.

This course is unbelievably different from conventional insurance (non-Islamic) where the policyholder did not know exactly how much the premiums collected by the company, whether the amount is greater or smaller than that waged in the payment of claims, because here the company, as insurer, free to use and invest anywhere.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Insurance According to Islam

   Among the new mu'amalah form, namely the so-called insurance. Some are associated with problems of life, called life insurance and some insurance as collateral in case of accident. How is the view of Islam? 

    Before we answer this question, first we would like to inquire about the soul than this company. What is soul? And how the relationship between the members of the insurance with the company? Or in other words: Is it a full member of the insurance as a member shirkah for the company? If so, every member shirkah (insurance members) must submit (fellowship) of gains and losses earned and sustained by the company, according to the provisions of Islamic teachings.

   In the accident insurance of a member to pay a sum of money (x dollars for example) every year. If he can get away from accidents, then the deposit is lost (trade, company, ship or otherwise), being the owner of the company will retain the least amount of money and not return to the member's insurance. But in case of an accident, then the company will pay a sum of money agreed upon.

Such an enterprise is completely away from the character and solidarity trade association.

     In life insurance, where members of the insurance is paid a sum of $ 2,000.00 for instance in the first period and then suddenly died, then he will get a refund that amount to the full, not a penny less. But if he was bersyirkah in berdagangan, then he will get the return an amount of money paid in that period plus the profits.

    Then when he defected to the company and could no longer pay for subsequent periods he's already been paid sebatiagiannya, then some money is paid it or most of it will be lost.

     This at least can be said: a covenant is broken. And the reason for the two existing parties mutual willingness to know each other and both have their emergence was weightless. Because the use of usury and the feed also has a mutual give up so both players had to give up gambling. But because of his willingness tokh was not considered a reason for such actions halal, as long as this mu'amalah not uphold the principles of justice with a firm that is not mixed with deceit and injustice and deprivation by one party against the other party is justice and not harm each other is pokok.Insurance According to Islamic rules

     If we already know, that Islam can not accept the current insurance model with all the activities that have been enacted, then this does not mean that Islam is opposed to the idea that insurance ansich.

     Absolutely not! That Islam is opposed by some of the principles and how. As if there are other ways that are not contrary to Islamic law, then surely Islam would be welcome.

     In summary, Islam has guaranteed that the rules of his community and the people who are under the auspices of Islamic rule in its own way, in the regulation and direction. There are times when the guarantee is that through the attitude of solidarity of the members of the community itself, and sometimes through government and non-Baitul Maal.

Baitul-Maal is in general insurance for all those who take shelter under Islamic rule.

     In Islamic law there is an assurance and ways to channel it to someone who is getting the disaster,In the previous chapter we have mentioned, that among the things that allows one to ask, namely if he overwritten hunger. He may ask the government (waliyul amri), and waliyul amri will reimburse all he suffered was or would be sufficient to partially relieve.

We find also an assurance to the heir because the death of a family, such as the Lord the Holy Prophet:

"I have more right to take care of every Muslim than himself; whoever left the property, then the treasure to his heir, and whoever left the debt or bankruptcy, then for me and my dependents." (Bukhari and Muslim)
     Among the Islamic insurance against his people, is what is called a special section for people who owe (gharimin) in the distribution of zakat.

    While the expert commentary from scholars who interpret the word salaf there gharimin, namely: people whose homes have burned, or his property swept away by floods and so on.

      While jurists also argue, that in such circumstances he should be given assistance from the zakat money, which he suffered as much wealth, though many thousands.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Health Insurance in Indonesia

Allianz Life Indonesia offers individual Health Insurance program that appeals to you the Smarthealth Maxi Violet. The program provides spesial benefits that are right for you and your family (if included), because it provides in patient carecost reimbursement as well as death benefits if a person suffers from illness or accident.

The advantages of this product:
1. Comprehensive health insurance benefits:
  • Bear the cost of accomodation rooms including ICU
  • Bear the costs of medicines during treatment including diagnostic examanation,the administrative costs
  • Bear the cost of prenatal care and post-hospital care, the cost of nursing home care,ambulance costs, and unforoseen costa due to accidents for outpatient and dental
  • Surgery benefit
  • There are additional benefits of Daily Benefit
2. Other value-added:
  • When the participant had never filed a claim for coverage policy, then the No Claim Bonus will be given a 20% premium discount books
  • When you include family members (husband / wife and children) then you are eligible for Family Discount of 5%
  • Especially for inpatient and Maternity in Rupiah and the annual premium payment, then apply the cashless facility can use the Hospital NetworkAllianz-AdMedika Individuals(providers)
  • Benevits are available in Euro and U.S. Dollar
  • There is a choice of payment of annual premims and instalment (semi-annual, quarterly and monthly). Applies only to Inpatient and Rupiah
Basic Products:
Inpatient (must be taken)
Additional Products:
Outpatient, Maternity, Dental and Benefit Daily Rawat (optional)
Additional Services:
International Medical Assistance Services (Medical Evacuation) with noadditional premium.

History of Vespa

Piaggio was founded in tahun1884 in Italy by Rinaldo Piaggio. At first Piaggio is the manufacturer that produces equipment ships, railroads and wagon trains.At the time of the First World War raged, Piaggio manufactures aircraft.

At the end of World War II, Piaggio factory was bombed by allied planes. After the war, Enrico Piaggio Piaggio took over from his father (Rinaldo Piaggio). At that time the Italian economy was deteriorating, Enrico decided to design an inexpensive means of transportation

Aided by experts aircraft Corradino D'Ascanio, Enrico create a design of two-wheeled transport with the inspiration and technology from the aircraft.Construction monoshock suspension to facilitate adaptation to change tire from the wheel of the aircraft, even the first product to actually use the front wheel aircraft. Starter is made of the bomb components, as well as the body is made of aluminum such as body aircraft.
According to various sources, the Vespa was first produced in 1945. The word "Vespa" is derived from the word "Wesp" which means "beast wasp or bee."Indeed Vespa construction when viewed from above looks like a bee.

During its development, the Vespa is not only marketed in Italy, but also in demand in France, Britain, Germany, Spain, Brazil and India. Because consumer interest is so great, the Vespa is also in prosuksi in Germany and the UK.

In addition to the Vespa, was also born during the various brands of two-wheeled vehicles of this type, such as Lambreta, Zundap, Heinkel, NSU, Hummel. However, that until now existed in Indonesia is followed by Vespa and Lambretta

Vespa history in Indonesia

In fact the author himself did not know exactly when the first Vespa to enter Indonesia. Trying to find references to some of the informants did not produce concrete results. Each speaker has a different explanation, but they have a common perception, that "Vespa Fever" in the ground water is influenced by the "Vespa Congo". Vespa is given as an award by the Government of Indonesia against Indonesian Peacekeeping Forces who served in the Congo at that time.
According to some authorities, after much wandering the streets of Congo Vespa, the Vespa began to become one of the two-wheelers in Indonesia.Local importers support the development of the Vespa in the homeland.

Until now has dozens of variants Vespa stopped in Indonesia. From the oldest to the most recent was in Indonesia. Even my friend from Filipinos mention that Indonesia is paradise Vespa. To date may still be called a paradise Vespa.The rise of exports Vespa, Vespa somewhat reduce the population in Indonesia.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Kinds of Insurance

Insurance generally consist of three categories, namely:

Insurance Losses
comprised of property insurance (property, vehicles and others).The interests of financial, legal responsibility, and self-insurance(accident or health).

Life Insurance
Essentially a form of cooperation among people who avoid orminimize the risks caused by death (which certainly occurred but did not know when it happened), the risk of old age (which isdefinitely happening and know when it happened but not surehow long), risk of accidents (which are not inevitable, but notimpossible), where cooperation is coordinated by the insurancecompany, which works on the basis of law of large numbers,which spread the risk to people who want to work together.Included in programs such as life insurance: educationinsurance, retirement, investment, stages, health.

Social Insurance
Social insurance is a compulsory insurance program organized by the government under the Act. The purpose of insurance is to provide a basic guarantee for the public and are not intended forcommercial gain.