Wednesday, August 17, 2011

History of Vespa

Piaggio was founded in tahun1884 in Italy by Rinaldo Piaggio. At first Piaggio is the manufacturer that produces equipment ships, railroads and wagon trains.At the time of the First World War raged, Piaggio manufactures aircraft.

At the end of World War II, Piaggio factory was bombed by allied planes. After the war, Enrico Piaggio Piaggio took over from his father (Rinaldo Piaggio). At that time the Italian economy was deteriorating, Enrico decided to design an inexpensive means of transportation

Aided by experts aircraft Corradino D'Ascanio, Enrico create a design of two-wheeled transport with the inspiration and technology from the aircraft.Construction monoshock suspension to facilitate adaptation to change tire from the wheel of the aircraft, even the first product to actually use the front wheel aircraft. Starter is made of the bomb components, as well as the body is made of aluminum such as body aircraft.
According to various sources, the Vespa was first produced in 1945. The word "Vespa" is derived from the word "Wesp" which means "beast wasp or bee."Indeed Vespa construction when viewed from above looks like a bee.

During its development, the Vespa is not only marketed in Italy, but also in demand in France, Britain, Germany, Spain, Brazil and India. Because consumer interest is so great, the Vespa is also in prosuksi in Germany and the UK.

In addition to the Vespa, was also born during the various brands of two-wheeled vehicles of this type, such as Lambreta, Zundap, Heinkel, NSU, Hummel. However, that until now existed in Indonesia is followed by Vespa and Lambretta

Vespa history in Indonesia

In fact the author himself did not know exactly when the first Vespa to enter Indonesia. Trying to find references to some of the informants did not produce concrete results. Each speaker has a different explanation, but they have a common perception, that "Vespa Fever" in the ground water is influenced by the "Vespa Congo". Vespa is given as an award by the Government of Indonesia against Indonesian Peacekeeping Forces who served in the Congo at that time.
According to some authorities, after much wandering the streets of Congo Vespa, the Vespa began to become one of the two-wheelers in Indonesia.Local importers support the development of the Vespa in the homeland.

Until now has dozens of variants Vespa stopped in Indonesia. From the oldest to the most recent was in Indonesia. Even my friend from Filipinos mention that Indonesia is paradise Vespa. To date may still be called a paradise Vespa.The rise of exports Vespa, Vespa somewhat reduce the population in Indonesia.

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