Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Health Insurance in Indonesia

Allianz Life Indonesia offers individual Health Insurance program that appeals to you the Smarthealth Maxi Violet. The program provides spesial benefits that are right for you and your family (if included), because it provides in patient carecost reimbursement as well as death benefits if a person suffers from illness or accident.

The advantages of this product:
1. Comprehensive health insurance benefits:
  • Bear the cost of accomodation rooms including ICU
  • Bear the costs of medicines during treatment including diagnostic examanation,the administrative costs
  • Bear the cost of prenatal care and post-hospital care, the cost of nursing home care,ambulance costs, and unforoseen costa due to accidents for outpatient and dental
  • Surgery benefit
  • There are additional benefits of Daily Benefit
2. Other value-added:
  • When the participant had never filed a claim for coverage policy, then the No Claim Bonus will be given a 20% premium discount books
  • When you include family members (husband / wife and children) then you are eligible for Family Discount of 5%
  • Especially for inpatient and Maternity in Rupiah and the annual premium payment, then apply the cashless facility can use the Hospital NetworkAllianz-AdMedika Individuals(providers)
  • Benevits are available in Euro and U.S. Dollar
  • There is a choice of payment of annual premims and instalment (semi-annual, quarterly and monthly). Applies only to Inpatient and Rupiah
Basic Products:
Inpatient (must be taken)
Additional Products:
Outpatient, Maternity, Dental and Benefit Daily Rawat (optional)
Additional Services:
International Medical Assistance Services (Medical Evacuation) with noadditional premium.

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